Dental Checkups Can Help Detect Cavities

A consistent daily oral hygiene routine and regular attendance of your routine dental checkups helps to maintain a healthy mouth. The first phase of the dental checkup includes a professional dental cleaning and polishing treatment to remove bacterial deposits and minimize minor dental stains. Once this is done our dentist will examine your mouth for… Read more »

What Are Dental Crowns?

Have you been told you needed a dental crown? Are you familiar with the purpose of a dental crown? If you need more information on dental crowns than you have come to the right place! Drs. Cloud and Hill here at Cloud and Hill Dental Care in Little Rock, AR, use dental crowns for many… Read more »

Chipped Tooth Enamel Needs Timely Treatment

Each of your teeth has an outer layer made up of enamel. This mineral substance is what provides your teeth with the necessary protection to chew your food efficiently and protects your teeth from decay. It is possible to damage your enamel. This can be caused by teeth striking one another at improper angles, a… Read more »

A Snore Guard May Lessen Sleep Apnea Symptoms

The National Sleep Foundation estimates that 40 million Americans struggle with some degree of sleep apnea each year. If left unchecked, the snore and breathing interruption caused by chronic sleep apnea can lead to health complications, such as high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. If you suspect that you… Read more »

Overcome Tobacco Stains With Dental Veneers

The frequent use of tobacco can result in deep stains in the tooth enamel in no time at all. Over the months or years, frequent staining can significantly impede your social life, and while tobacco cessation is the best way to prevent dental staining, and patients struggle with quitting. If you would like to hide… Read more »

The Most Important Steps to Maintain Your Smile

Excellent oral health over time not only improve the health of your mouth, but also helps improve your overall life quality. Our dentist and team want to help you maintain your health and prevent dental issues by cultivating a consistent habit of the most important dental care steps. We encourage you to make sure you… Read more »

Caring for Canker Sores

Mouth care involves more than just your teeth. One issue many people experience that is not always related to teeth is a canker sore. Canker sores are small, shallow ulcerations that can make eating and talking difficult. They can occur as a single sore, or even a few at a time. They are certainly obnoxious–but,… Read more »

Bad Dental Hygiene Habits to Avoid

We have noticed that there are several bad dental hygiene habits that many people share. Because of this, we would like to address these things and offer solutions. Our dentist and team are always willing to provide dental hygiene tips to help you improve your oral health. Time Spent Brushing Did you know that most… Read more »

A Summary of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding involves our dentist fusing tooth-colored materials to one or more teeth to restore the tooth and enhance the shape and color. The dental bonding material can be porcelain or resin. We invite you to review the following dental bonding FAQs to learn more about this cosmetic process: What can dental bonding do? The… Read more »

Preventing Cavities

One of the most common problems with your teeth are cavities. Cavities are caused when your tooth enamel is compromised, allowing bacteria to attack your tooth. This starts with the plaque on your teeth. Plaque is constantly forming on your teeth. When you eat a sugary or starchy food, the sugars work with the plaque… Read more »